Twisted Pride is an online retail business, based in Philadelphia, Pa.  Our mission is to provide all natural products which strengthen hair, decrease shedding and maintain moisture.  All of our products are manufactured with essential oils, butters, waxes and raw ingredients.  Ayurvedic herbs are utilized in most of our products.  Ayurvedic herbs enhance hair growth, strengthen hair, promote moisture retention and shine.  They also help decrease hair fall.  Our butter creams are produced for skin and haircare.  Why not embrace, protect and nurture the beauty of your hair and skin, with all natural products?  


A portion of our profits are donated to African Women via, for various utilization.  Kiva is a nonprofit organization which fund loans to underserved communities internationally, via donations.



My name is Adrienne. After years of chemically straightening my kinky hair, the density was altered. My hair became thin and fragile, despite an unvaried routine.  I knew drastic measures were required to regain my hair health. As I began to scrutinize the hair of everyone else, I noticed a plethora of beautiful kinky styles as Black Women embraced the natural state of their hair. Those occurrences motivated me to cut my hair 1” long and embrace my natural texture. My transformation to kinky twist took place on May 31st 2012.  My signature protective hairstyle is the 'Two Strand Twist' and I wear it with proudly, hence the business name "Twisted Pride".

I began making my own products in January 2013. Since the utilization of my all natural products, my dandruff was alleviated. Today my hair is much longer, healthier, softer, shinier and thicker. In an attempt to live a holistic healthy lifestyle, my goal is to put all natural things inside of my body and onto my body. 

There are tons of products on the market labeled as ‘all natural’. But, a full research and decoder is needed to understand most of the ingredients listed. 

As I read labels and researched the ingredients, I was enlightened. Most products are not 100% ‘all natural’. The negative effects of Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones and mineral oils in hair care products, have gained lots of awareness over the last several years. But we remain blind to other harmful ingredients in our skin and hair care products, such as phthalates, triclosan, talc, coal tar, DEA/TEA/MEA, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, and toluene, just to name a few. These ingredients are suspected carcinogens, skin irritants, disruptive to endocrine and immune systems and banned in some countries. For these reasons, I want to only utilize ‘100% all natural products’ on my skin and hair.  I love making my own products because I can choose every single raw ingredient.  

BENEFITS OF ayurvedic herbs & Oils

Ayurvedic Herbs and Essential Oils have been used for medicinal and health purposes for centuries.  

Both are derived from the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants.

 Skin & hair benefit include:

-promote hair growth

-strengthen hair

-decrease hair fall

-enhance shine

-halt dandruff

-alleviate itchy scalp

-increase moisture retention

-thicken hair

-uv protection from sun

-treat eczema & dermatitis

-treat psoriasis

-hydrate & moisturize skin 

Our whipped butter creams, work great on your body for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.  In conjunction, this multi-function product works magic on hair and scalp.  It contains oils which are exfoliating, detoxifying and antibacterial, which alleviates dandruff.

To find out more about the benefits of our products and the oils utilized in each,  click the link below.