• Green Tea Extract-stimulates hair growth & softens hair.  
  • Castille soap- removes dirt & oil build up. 
  • Castor oil- strengthens, moisturizes and decreases hair breakage. 
  • Jojoba oil- strengthens, moisturizes and eliminates dandruff.
  • Tea Tree oil- relieves itchy scalp & dandruff. Antibacterial.
  • Eucalyptus oil-stimulates follicles to promote hair growth & relieves itch scalp.
  • Lemongrass oil- strengthens hair follicles, antiseptic, antibacterial
  • Vegetable glycerin- softer hair and helps hair retain moisture.  

 Why buy natural Shampoo?

Our all natural clarifying shampoo works great for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and alleviating dandruff.  It will remove all dirt, oil and product build up.  It contains oils which are exfoliating, detoxifying and  antibacterial.. 

Drugstore Shampoo Ingredients you should Avoid:

  • Parabens- (ends in –paraben). ie methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben are preservatives that prevents mold and bacteria from growing. They mimic estrogen in the body, disrupting your natural hormone mechanism. It can result in potential reproductive issues.
  • Sulfates (ends in-sulfate or sulfonate)- (ie SODIUM LAURYL SUFATE (SLS) & SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE (SLES): , TEA dodecylbenzenesulfonate)  Used for foaming ability and emulsifier. Very drying to hair and creates frizz. It can be absorbed into blood stream via skin and result in to immune system problems.
  • Silicones- (ends in –cone or oxane)- creates seal around hair and over time results in dry dull appearance and prevents other products from penetrating it.
  • mineral oils & petroleum- weigh the hair down and clog pores by prevent natural oils from being produced and absorbed in the hair. Used to grease scalp. 
  • Alcohols (end in –ohol)- very drying to hair, increasing risk of breakage. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL is the worst to utilize. However, some alcohols are good for the hair, like cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol &  lauryl achol, which add moisture and slip to hair.
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG): is derived from natural gas or petroleum and can irritate your skin, resulting in dermatitis, hives and eczema. Antifreeze is the main ingredients.
  • Formaldehyde- is used as a preservative. It pollutes the air, irritates the lungs, and is a probable human carcinogen.
  • Synthetic Fragrances- fragrances to give us that great smelling product. The scary part is if a product is labeled “fragrance” that fragrance can have tons of separate ingredients to come to that one scent! The FDA doesn’t require companies to list the secret ingredient. So you don’t know what you are putting onto your skin.

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  • Beeswax-protection against irritants while allowing skin to breath,  antibacterial, antiviral & anti-inflammatory.
  • Coconut oil- skin hydration, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory.
  • Arrowroot powder- wicks away moisture.
  • Shea butter- skin smoothing, moisturizing & protects skin from dryness. 
  • Baking soda-absorbs moisture & odor naturally.
  • Essential oils- for scent & antibacterial properties.  

  Why buy natural deodorant?

Our natural deodorants have the highest organic content. It is free, of Aluminum, Triclosan,Formaldehyde,Parabens, Phthalates and Propylene Glycol. Natural deodorants have antibacterial properties that are nontoxic, safe for humans and environmentally friendly. It can help decrease hyperpigmentation, prevent ingrown hairs, kill odor causing bacterium, and heal dry & cracked armpits, resulting from shaving. The chemicals found in antiperspirant and store-bought deodorants contain toxic carcinogens & agents harmful to the environment and potentially humans. They may also cause irritation to the pores and hair follicles in the armpit region 


Drugstore deodorants:


Avoid aluminum, triclosan, formaldehyde and the 3 P’s:

Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol

  • Aluminum in antiperspirants is used to plug sweat ducts, preventing us from sweating. But sweat is how our body rids itself of toxins. The aluminum forces our body to reabsorb toxins. Studies suggest aluminum could be reabsorbed as well and may increase risk of cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Triclosan (microban) is an antibacterial chemical, linked to thyroid malfunction and hormone disruption in frogs. It is a probable human carcinogen, banned in UK supermarkets. 
  • Formaldehyde is used as a preservative. It pollutes the air, irritates the lungs, and is a probable human carcinogen.
  • Parabens are preservatives that prevents mold and bacteria from growing on our deodorant. They mimic estrogen in the body, disrupting your natural hormone mechanism. I can result in potential reproductive issues and linked to breast cancer.
  • Phthalates used to enhance absorption of fragrance on your skin and make scent last longer. It has been linked to birth defects and asthma.
  • Propylene glycol gives stick its’ firm texture. It is derived from natural gas or petroleum and can irritate your skin, resulting in dermatitis, hives and eczema. Antifreeze is the main ingredients..

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  • Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It helps smooth, moisture & protect skin from dryness.
  • Coconut Oil: moisturizes skin, provides UV protection, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. 
  • Jojoba oil- strengthens hair, moisturizes skin/hair and eliminates dandruff.
  • Honey:  smooths skin, softens hair, treats eczema, enhances moisture, anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory .
  • Castor Oil: moisturizes scalp and promotes hair thickness. Rich in Omega-9 fatty acids & Antibacterial. 
  • Vitamin E Oil:  treats eczema, retains moisture, antioxidant & anti- inflammatory properties. 
  • Neem oil:  softens skin, lightens hyper-pigmentation, treats eczema, moisturizing, ant-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory.
  • glycerin: hydrates and softens skin and hair.
  • Lavender Oil: anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic and anti fungal. It accelerates skin healing and reduces scarring.
  • Chamomille Oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. anti-oxidant.
  • Tea Tree Oil: cleanse and purify scalp & skin, Anti-viral, anti-fungal properties.

Why buy Natural Body Butter?

 Our whipped body butter creams, work great for eczema, psoriasis and  dermatitis.  It heals and relieves dry cracked hands and feet.  It contains oils which are exfoliating, detoxifying and  antibacterial, which alleviates dandruff, when used on scalp. Most important factor, it is all natural.

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  • Beeswax- protects the skin, while sealing in moisture. It treats lip irritation.
  • Coconut oil-  enhances skin hydration. It is antibacterial & anti-inflammatory.
  • Shea butter- skin smoothing, moisturizing and protects skin from dryness. 
  • Cocoa butter-contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, keeps lips soft and well moisturized.
  • essential oils- for flavoring, moisturizing and healing abilities.

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  • Sweet Almond Oil-prevents hair loss, softens hair & adds shine.
  • Avocado Oil-unclogs hair follicles, penetrates shaft to enhance moisture.
  • Castor Oil- thickens hair, moisturizes & strengthens roots.
  • Lavender Oil- prevents hair loss & promotes growth
  • Rosemary Oil-boost hair growth & prevents dandruff
  • Clary Sage oil- regulates scalp oil secretions & promotes growth
  • Tea Tree Oil- treats dandruff & itchy scalp

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